April 14, 2011

Madeira voyage

Madeira is a beautiful flowering island in the Atlantic Ocean, located in 1000 km. from mainland Portugal. The island was discovered in 1420 by the Portuguese navigator Joao Goncalves Zarqa. After landing, the crew just began to gaze at impenetrable forest, so the island got the name of Madeira, which translated from Portuguese as "tree".
There are many sorts of palm trees, sub-tropical flowers and fruits on the island. The capital of Madeira - Funchal city – is an ancient beautiful city with ancient palaces and squares, modern hotels and shops. Being on this island once you will never forget the feeling of love to it.

Madeira is a very popular and prestigious European spa, known since the early 19 th century. There were only 2 well-known nautical resorts - French Riviera and Madeira. A huge number of  royal families, famous writers, politicians and just ordinary travelers used to have a rest there. Since that time, many new resorts have appeared, but Madeira still boasts it’s crystal clear water, resting places of celebrities. Water and air temperature are about the same all year round 22-30C (air), 19-23C (water).

Local climate tones and revives, even the air seems to be more healthy. The nature of the island is also unique. Large remnant of forests, which covered Europe in the pre-glacial period are still growing here. They are now protected by UNESCO. Waterfalls, ancient irrigation canals (Levada), laid on the slopes of the mountains, giant volcanic rocks near the the ocean... Some tropical fruits are cultivated only here and don`t appear anywhere else in the world.

Madeira is also called the "island of flowers" - it is covered with lush exotic vegetation, like an emerald carpet. Orchids, bougainville, lilies, hydrangeas, magnolias, azaleas are blooming all year round, pleasing the eye of local residents and tourists.
The capital of Madeira - Funchal was recently awarded as one of the "flowerest" of European cities. Unique wealth Madeira is also huge amount of fresh fish and seafood, fruits in abundance, it’s famous wine and cuisine.

Franciscan monastery of 16 th century - is one of the major architectural landmarks of the capital, here you can see how the famous Madeira is produced, you can visit the tasting room and buy a bottle of wine as a souvenir.

Se Cathedral is built of lava material, the ceiling is made from wood and ivory. 
Other attractions in Funchal - Church of Santa Clara (16 century), weaving mill, gardens of Funchal and fish market.

Santana – is a hamlet in the northern part of the island, where you can look at traditional madeirian houses. 
Botanical gardens are one of the main attractions of Madeira. They are filled with plants and flowers, which the Portuguese were bringing to the island for 300 years from around the world. 
National Forest of Madeira was established in 1982, it takes two-thirds of the island, includes strictly protected areas, recreational areas and is divided into several particular reserves. 

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