April 21, 2011

Lago Maggiore trip (Italy)

Lago Maggiore - one of the most luxurious resorts around the world, known as a place for recreation of noble lords since the XVIII century. Lake with the same name, which is attracting tourists, is located in northern Italy - a few dozens kilometers from Milan and close to the border with Switzerland. It also should be noted that the solid part of the lake is located exactly on Swiss territory.

Recently, my former classmate visited this resort and made an exclusive report with over a dozen pictures.

The journey began in Germany, so there is no surprise that tourists had to go round the whole Switzerland. It wasn’t typical border between Italy and Switzerland -  just traveler's caption said that the tourists had already reached the destination.

Stop at  the «camping place» promised a good holiday, which began with a visit of the island of Isola Bella - one of the largest islands in the archipelago. Located in 400 meters from the town of Stresa, the island has been a fishing village for a long time, but in the XVI century, Charles III had built a palace here for his wife, making this place attractive for tourists thereby.

The travelers visited local beautiful gardens, parks and one of the main local attractions - the Palazzo Borromeo. This residence of the XVII century, built in Baroque style differs from other places of interest maybe not so much as palace, but as a delightful and very original park.

Between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta there is the highest point of this alpine region situated- the mountain Mottarone. Its height is 1.385 meters above sea level, and our travelers were lucky to visit this wonder of nature. Despite the relief, a rich botanical garden is located there. It is full of all kinds of mountain vegetation. Climbing to the top takes just 20 minutes by cable road, but the wonderful view from the mountain is marvelous.


  1. I need a vacation. These images look amazing!

  2. Wow! The images are so breath-taking... I never knew Italy was so beautiful! I guess it is the most romantic place on Earth!